Providing login and member authentication services for websites using W3AMP source code, including all websites and Blogs on HTM.WIKI

Why we created this passport* website:

Having each website have its own login system took a lot of time to implement, and secure it.
FFor example: You try to search on Google with the keyword how to attach the login button with Facebook, login with Twitter..., you will find it extremely complicated:
  1. Your site must first be eligible to be registered
  2. After being licensed, you must find and hire a coder to do the rest of the steps.
  3. Can you find a reliable and qualified coder to do this?
  4. Over time, there are upgrade announcements, and you will also find new programmers, asking them to start over?
This is why we created this tool, and built it into the tools. Admin will not need to care about the authentication stages anymore. Depending on the function, the tool will work in the most optimal way. Priority number one is: friendly, easy to understand, easy to use for visitors.

Customers' feelings when using this service

They will feel simple, do not waste time when they have to register members, remember many passwords of too many websites. Customers will also have more peace of mind, as their data will not be sold or mined by your employees in the future.