1. This is a website used to authenticate and identify internet users.
2. We do not directly sell products or services on this website.
3. There are some Blog pages or customer websites we are in need of, will need this login service. When a visitor logs in at this website only once, it is identified by 5 parameters: email address with name, ip address, login time, session code of that login. In addition, this website does not store login information for longer than 1 day.
4. If the login is successful, the person accesses one of the other websites, using the W3AMP code (like on the HTM.wiki Blog ..vv) then these websites can recognize the identity of the session. that access. If this identity is already a member of the site, there will be separate data attachment tools for each member (depending on the specific website).
5. In short, we (founders of W3AMP, HTM.WIKI) are not responsible for all accesses via this site (even if hacked, if any). As we only provide identifiers, tools and data accessible are the responsibility of the particular website.
Websites that use this service should add an extra step of authentication for data security.
6. This website uses cookies to temporarily store login information, the retention time is 12 hours.
7. These terms are subject to change to suit actual conditions.